A letter of encouragement.

Assalam Alykum

I have been away for weeks and today I am writing to myself with an intention to remind you and I that if your doubting yourself, it is time to just do it!

Imposter syndrome is in each one of us. We all experience it, for some it’s intenseย  while others it’s mild and easier to overcome. I want to be the one to remind you that when imposter syndrome creeps in, it’s an indicator that you’re on the right track. The path to new challenges, new failures, new successes and most of all, empowerment and growth. No matter what you’re telling your self right now, it needs to be rephrased! Instead of;

  • It’s scary, I can’t do it! Say, “It’s challenging and I have the ability to overcome it”.
  • This is far beyond my caliber, it’s not meant for me. Say, “This is a new path for me, I am going to enjoy the process and I deserve it.”
  • My procrastination will let me down. Say, ” I am going to dig deeper and get to know the causes of my procrastination and overcome them.”
  • All this work is overwhelming, I don’t have the skills to do it. Say, “I am going to take one step at a time and acquire the skills I need to empower myself.”

I encourage you to push forward in your goals. The sky is the limit. Allah has gifted you life to serve Him, to live and to return to Him as a successful believer. There will always be potholes, storms, sunshine and many other unpredicted events. Remember to be present in the process, to reflect and always come out better. For every milestone, you acquire up skills, you improve yourself, perceptions and attitudes because mistakes are a sign that you are trying, you are moving forward. Embrace your imposter syndrome, face head on and eliminate negative self-talk. You are not alone, Allah The One who created you is there very single step you take.

You are deserving of your dreams to come true, your goals to be achieved and to live a life full of purpose and fulfillment, in this life and the eternal abode.


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