The Vanilla Cake

“Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality”. –Warren G. Bennis

What has a vanilla cake got to do with education? Be patient, read on😎.  When you think about an effective school, you think discipline, structure, academic performance and so many other aspects. Have you thought what makes an effective school? What makes a school have high academic performance, strong moral values and a thriving school culture?

This is where the vanilla cake analogy comes in… to explain to you the elements of an effective school. Imagine the cake missing baking powder or the Baker skips some of the instructions, the end product will be a flat uncooked cake or a hard cake.  So, for you to get the best vanilla cake, you need to be prepared with the ingredients, recipe and instructions. Furthermore, you can not risk overlooking the minute steps or else, your efforts will be in vain.

In this analogy the mission is to bake for a tea party, the vision is the vanilla cake, the ingredient(s) is the philosophy and the plan are the instructions to make the vanilla cake. It is clear that if one element is missing then the whole process of making the vanilla cake will be distorted. School effectiveness is determined by why your school is existing. What are you looking to achieve? How will you achieve it?

For your school to be effective, all the four elements should be embodied. While a mission statement gives a purpose, the philosophy spices it by shaping the school productivity through guided principles and values. The two are embedded by a vision that provides a criteria for shaping an improved future state. The three; mission, philosophy and vision, are carefully crafted to customize a plan that provides goals and strategies to realize the purpose of the school and its improvement plan.

I know, this is all information🙄 . The question you must be having right now, how🤔 ? How do I do it? How do I plan for it? That’s where I come in as your coach. I will help you through the process in every step. You see, when you hire a consultant, you will always depend on his expertise. When you team up with a school leadership coach, you get to own your process, know the how’s and be independent long after the coaching contract is over. Who doesn’t want that? I do 🧕🏽

Book a free 30 minutes clarity call with me to identify what’s stopping you to have that effective school you’ve always dreamed. Dreamers are doers! Waiting to read your email and get you started to a transformative school!

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