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Our Story

Almost six years ago, I embarked on a new venture to open a learning institute to provide authentic Islamic knowledge. My aim was to create safe and Islamic environment for Muslim children. Space where they can experience meaningful learning experiences while in contact with their Deen.

However, the institute posed its own financial barriers, making it impossible to keep the institute open. Thus, closure of my first dream – Dar Al Tamkeen Learning Center. Since the closure I have worked in schools as the deputy principal and Principal. I am currently the Principal at Ar Risalah Academy, Nairobi.

In March 2020, the world opened its eyes to educational technology due to the pandemic, Covid-19. As challenges, opportunities and failures arose, I saw an opportunity of growth, adventure and possibilities.

HMT Online School idea was born so that I could finally, revive my dream to reality. In May 2020, I launched the first, grade 2 CBC students, on Google Classroom.

This very exciting project set a small team of passionate educators on a quest to make education accessible to all.

Today, HMT Online School has a capacity of around 40 students from different regions in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada, Oman and U.A.E.

We strive in providing meaningful, interactive and quality education in various entities; Islamic, adult and even tuitions. From small beginnings, some 10 years from now, we envision our platform to reach  more children and connect them to learn and empower themselves for a better future,  Insha’Allah.

We’re Not Like The “Others”… And Here’s Why

  • We are a continuity project, we will be running even after the pandemic!
  • We offer strategic flow of learning content.
  • We value your feedback AKA constructive feedback.
  • We are committed to provide reliable sources of Knowledge.
  • Islam is our way of servicing; sincerity, authenticity, consistency, accountability and many more!

A Reliable, Professional Team

Founder: Umm Maymanah (Rukiya Issa)

Manager: Fatma Issa Khatri


  • Ustadh Haswaf
  • Ustadha Khadija
  • Ustadha Rahma

Can We Help You?

If you are a parent/caregiver, you’ll appreciate our commitment to provide quality education,  for children, at the comfort of your home.

If you have been struggling to find a reliable learning platform for your child, look no further.  We are here!


  • P.O. Box 84558, Ndia Kuu. Mombasa, Kenya

  • +254 701 374 633


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