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EducatorsHub – A focal point where educators meet likeminded people who intend to strive to connect with each other, empower one another, experience true transformation, live an impactful life and grow in their personal and professional lives to live meaningful and impactful lives in this life and the hereafter.


Only when you change yourself, will you be able to experience change around you. This is especially true for an educator, who will realize positive changes in the classroom when they begin to work within.
“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”
(Ar-Ra’d Verse 11)

Impactful life:

Teaching always reflects on students. Every educator wishes to have a positive and long-term impact on their students, by heightening the students’ interest in what the educator is teaching.


Above all other goals, a Muslim educator’s higher purpose is with Allah. To please Him is our ultimate goal, and this is made possible by giving out meaningful and impactful information to students with intention to please Allah before everything else.

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3 Steps Blue-Print to Increase Students’ Engagement in your Class

Teaching engaging Islamic Studies doesn’t have to be boring and daunting!

How to scale your student engagement from 10% to 90% engagement with simple steps. Are you ready to get your students excited to have you in their class…

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