Meet Rukiya AKA Umm Maymanah

Assalam Alykum,

Welcome to my page, I am excited to have you here!

I help school leaders to transform from autopilot mode to thriving mode by finding clarity, purpose and unleashing their hidden skills and gifts to show up with more confident, intentional and flourishing. Thus, a thriving school culture.

I have always had a deep need to be an inspirational and motivational figure in people’s lives. It has always been my secret desire for as long as I can remember. I believe every school leader desires to see her teachers and students thrive in and out of the school building. Each one of us has that deep aspiration to be someone or do something extraordinary one day. It is important to nurture it and work towards achieving it regardless of how many times you fall and raise! In my coaching, I will help you:

  1. Find clarity and stop living anybody’s life.
  2. Reawaken your deeper meanings of life.
  3. Take your power back and direct change by your terms.
  4. Dismantle limiting beliefs, adapt a growth mindset and create lasting change!
  5. Gain true confidence by unleashing your dreams and finding your unique way to go for your dreams.
  6. Overcome the lows and celebrate the highs while still focusing on your next adventure.
  7. Set achievable goals and action plans to work towards a lasting changing in you and around you!

I believe thriving school leaders lead with purpose and impact and eventually inspire teachers and students to thrive for their dreams I remember the day when my own daughter’s attitude towards English changed because her teacher, whom I was coaching has changed her way of delivering her lessons and her overall interaction with her. It was a moment of achievement for me because it proved my belief that thriving teachers show up with confidence, happy and supportive to their learners.

Being a coach has opened opportunities for me to be that coach that I always prayed to have in my teaching career. I always wished I had a coach to guide, direct and help me thrive. Doing it all by myself has also empowered me with the needed skills, knowledge and strategies to be a coach today. I believe that to experience empowerment, one needs to take action or else there won’t be any valuable growth in what one does. It takes knowledge and action to see change.

My coaching started in 2015 when I opened my small learning center, which lasted for two years, before I closed due to financial constraints. I believe my experience in being a leader prepared me and unveiled my hidden skills and passions. I am a firm believer that each one of us is created for purpose, this includes educators too. It is upon us to find it and use it to serve the creation.

My “AWE” moment was during the pandemic 2020. As I continued raising up to the demands of online teaching, I found myself enjoying it because I was immersed in teacher empowerment than administrative work. I couldn’t ignore the excitement and passion I had while I was training, encouraging and pushing my team to take up the challenging adventure of online teaching. It was the most rewarding experience in my career. Seeing teachers flourishing and thriving. 

One year later, here I am, Alhamdulillah, a certified coach dedicated to helping school leaders transform form autopilot mode to thriving mode: prosperous and flourishing in their careers and life too. 

You have got  chance to be that leader you desire by a click of a button. Ask yourself;

You: What will I loose if I jump in a clarity call with her?

Me: Nothing! Actually, you will gain clarity! Click that button and start your journey of transformation 🤩


  • P.O. Box 84558, Ndia Kuu. Mombasa, Kenya

  • +254 701 374 633


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