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Have we ever thought about how we prepare our children during their schooling years? Have we ever wondered if the schedules and controlled routines are what they need? Think of yourself after your schooling years. Were you able to adapt to the freedom of time, space and interaction? Were you able to make SMART choices, be resilient and disciplined? Or did you find yourself lost. Excited of the freedom because no one’s there to tell you what to do? Later, you realize you’ve wasted your time.
My question is; how are we preparing our children to be different? To be self-focused, self-driven, disciplined and self aware. Not to waste time discovering who they are but instead focus on building their own lives?
What if instead of focusing solely on academics, we put more efforts into instilling spiritual development, self identity, self awareness and emotional resilience? Because knowledge in this era is at the tip of our fingers. So, if we build the required belief, values, skills and attitudes, as mentioned above, they will be able to pursue their goals and aspirations all life long, because knowledge can be acquired at any age but latter takes long to acquire.
Let us begin by changing the approaches and priorities in our homes and schools. Lets not forget that children will grow to be adults. They need a holistic development to endure life’s challenges.

Rukiya Issa

Rukiya Issa is a Teacher coach who leads an Islamic school and the founder of Hopeful Muslim Teacher (HMT). She is pursuing her Bachelors of Education(Arts) and aims to empower Muslim teachers to show-up with confidence, clarity and purpose. She holds a Diploma in Educational Leadership, primary teacher certificate and is also a certified professional life Coach. Rukiya believes that academics, Teacher mindset, skills and teacher growth are not only a fundamental part of student success but are also the building blocks to attain a life long impact in building a holistic child. In addition to leading a school, she runs an online madrasa program with the aim of making Islamic education accessible to all. She has been recognised for her innovative teaching and learning approaches in all her teaching positions in different schools. Furthermore, her exceptional approach to leading change in Ar Risalah Academy, currently the Principal, was evidently recognised by the School board of Directors. Rukiya has been engaged in variety of voluntary projects in education like; - Islamic Curriculum Development at Maahad Teachers' Training College Nairobi, Kenya. - Lesson Plan Integration Project with Dr Bilal Philips - Islamic Studies Teacher at Maryam Center, Doha, Qatar.

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