Clarity breeds focus!

Clarity is very important. When your vision isn’t clear, you rush to see an optician so you can get prescribed glasses to see clearly. The same is with our goals/ambitions/vision in life. If you wake up with no clue of what you will do on that day, your whole day is spent tackling chaos. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted.
Imagine, if you can change all that and wake up feeling energized and excited to tackle what’s ahead of you? To live your life, most of the days, calm and grounded. To jump hurdles each day, that you intended to jump. That hurdle you jumped knowing pretty well at the end of it, you have moved forward to your vision.
My experience of finding clarity as a teacher, has made me think, how many other teachers are living/will live in this chaos? Of always doing because the school is asking me to, for always pushing yourself to live in someone else’s dream? Just as any other profession, teachers deserve to own their vision. Teachers deserve to find clarity and live their dream. To own their stories of success and empowerment.
A thriving learning environment is always accompanied by teachers with clarity.
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