3 Steps Blue-Print to Increase Students’ Engagement in your Class

Teaching engaging Islamic Studies doesn’t have to be boring and daunting!

How to scale your student engagement from 10% to 90% engagement with simple steps. Are you ready to get your students excited to have you in their class, to experience true connection with your students and enjoy teaching them?

Ustadh A is called in by his subject lead for lesson observation feedback. He is briefed that;

  • His lesson was monotonous.
  • Frequent mis-behaviour
  • Students are distracted
  • Students were not participate

Ustadh A leaves the office upset and confused, he doesn’t know what he is supposed to do! He feels unappreciated and undermined. Can you relate? Have you ever wondered what you’re doing wrong? How you can improve? You have the knowledge, and you were made to believe that it’s enough to get in class to teach!

When I first started leading Islamic Studies teachers, back in 2015, the most challenging part of teaching was getting students engaged and excited to learn their Deen. I made it my mission to help them shift their classes from 0% student engagement t0 90% student engagement.

If you are still reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about! I know how daunting it is to raise your bar with no clear guidance and support.

Now before I tell you how I discovered the framework to creating engaging Islamic studies lessons, first let me show you just how powerful it can be. What some Islamic Studies teacher say about the workshop:

Early Years Islamiyaat Teacher

Ustadha Barke,” I used to be a textbook teacher but through your training on student engagement, I’m now an activity based teacher.”

Primary Islamiyaat Teacher

Ustadha Saadia,” Through the training of student engagement, I learnt how to find balance between disciplining students and to enjoying teaching them. I’m now constantly planning to engage my students in each lesson.”

Early Years Secular Teacher

Teacher Amina,” This training has helped to think out of the box and create engaging student activities for effective learning.”

I have trained Islamic teachers with the same approach and the results are incredible!

Ustadha C was finding it difficult to execute engaging lessons in her kindergarten class, but after the training, she is now confidently teaching with student engagement.

While Ustadha Q was struggling with connecting students to what they are learning. She was able to design lessons that captured students’ interest and reconnect with them too!

This 3 step Blue-Print reveals the secret to increase students’ engagement and help them create meaningful connections with their Deen …

Allowing you to grow and scale your teaching career value to levels that you’ve always dreamed of.

Regardless of your experience, subject area and background knowledge. In the next five minutes, you’ll see just how powerful the information on this 3 steps blue-print can be…

And how educators just like you have used it to increase their students’ engagement in every lesson.

So if increasing students’ engagement in your class sounds good to you…

If it would enable you to stop worrying about being scrutinized about your teaching…

And allow you to finally enjoy teaching and connecting with your students.

You’ve come to the right place

Because the 3 step blue-print to student engagement will tell you exactly how to do that. Here’s a little sample of what this simple 3 Step Blue-Print reveals…

  • The 1 tip that will get you purpose-driven and intentional in planning your lessons.
  • Simple trick to get your students engrossed in your lesson.
  • Improve your relationship with students.

And much, much more

The 3 step Blue-Print to increasing student engagement in any subject area without complex planning It outlines the 3 essential elements that will increase students’ engagement in your class…

Giving you a simple steps to follow that will allow your students to learn and relate to their Deen without boredom.

It will help you plan any lesson plan of any subject… Whether it’s Quran lesson, Fiqh, Seerah or any other subject.

You’ll avoid having to create complicated lesson plans that consumes your energy and time just to please your leader.

Trust me, after going through this, you’ll never plan for the sake of submitting lesson plans.

This will make your life and your students’ life so much easier…

Making you more time to spread the word of Allah and empowering little hearts.

Precious time that you can spend with your students by connecting and really getting them learning with impact.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Is it possible that this will really help me increase students’ engagement?”

Of course it can.

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