“One size fits all”

There is no one size fits all. Hear me out!

Early in my days, when imitating what other teachers do was an easy way out, I learnt something profound. There was this arrangement where instead of individual planning, we did team planning. Which worked because it lessen my burden as a teacher. Little did I know that it was a complete fail!

As I continued using the plans, there were a number of adjustments that I needed to do to cater for my students. From objectives, activities and even teaching methodologies. It was a tedious exercise. I eventually accepted the fact that there is no one size fits all in education. You can be given the model/guide but you’ll eventually change it to fit your class.

The one size fit all didn’t end there… being a school leader and having managed my own school, I can say it again, “There is no one size fits all”. I’ve seen leaders jumping from one idea to another, imitating exactly what the “better school” is doing and still fail to walk through it to the end. At the end of the tunnel, I’ve seen resources, time and efforts being wasted to vain. Students’ time being wasted all in the name of refusing to get creative and think for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, learning from each other is very crucial part of adapting best practicing. What I don’t agree, is you refusing to do the work of customizing and developing the best practices to your school’s needs, values, mission, culture etc. Your school is your baby, will you feed it junk from the streets? Or will you invest in healthy food? Of course, you will do anything to feed her the best!

If your shoe size is 40, still you will have preference in regards to style, colour and design. If you are a school leader, wondering where do I start with this? How do I adapt programs to fit my school? I am sure you already have an idea that you liked from another school or are thinking to fish for oneJ. I am offering you a free 30 minutes call to help you start your journey to a strategic plan for your new idea.  Hope in and book it now!


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