Struggle is inevitable. Learn to live with it.

“Just because you’re struggling, doesn’t mean you’re failing.” Unknown author

There is no human that doesn’t struggle. We struggle in maintaining relationships, at work place, within ourselves and worshipping Allah (s.w.t). Struggles are like a potter and his journey to moulding pots; for every new creation she will struggle to mould perfectly from scratch. Either, the clay was too hard, or her hands were too slow to align with the movement etc. So the potter practices until she moulds a perfect new pot!

The potter is you and the pot is your life. Every new situation, relationship or skill demands you to adapt new skills, attitudes or knowledge to be able to overcome it. So, there is no failure, there is progress because for each struggle you emerge stronger and empowered. That is exactly what struggles do to us, they help us flourish and bloom!

Failure is when you choose not to embrace your struggle and tackle it head on. It is when you willingly quit because the struggle is forcing you to go beyond your comfort zone. I understand struggles are scary and intimidating, sometimes depressing too but with zeal and perseverance sprinkled with faith in Allah, you can overcome them.

You are what you eat, is a perfect one to remind you to look at your circle of influence, people you follow on social media and how you spend your time. It makes a huge difference. You consume ideas, energy and mindset from people you associate with everyday; healthy food gives you a healthy body and good people nourish you with good thoughts, habits, ideas and mindset.

My initial struggle to eliminate people who weren’t serving any good in my life was excruciating. Some die hard relationships had to be eliminated and it was painful for me however, looking back I am grateful I did. I learnt that I can continue loving them from far and wish them goodness, always.

My other struggle was anger. It gave me a sense of authority and I believed it was a strength until I almost ruined beautiful relationship because of it. It was a bitter pill to swallow at that time, because I bitterly swallowed a onceĀ  believed strength, as a weakness, that I faced head on to overcome it. I am still on it!

There are so many of you who have struggles, that need to be faced-out in your life, because it maybe a threat to your work, relationships or faith. Whatever the struggle is, you can make a choice today to embark in a beautiful journey to growth, progress and prosperity. Remember, when one struggle is eliminated another another one will sprout out, that is a sign of progress not failure.

Believe you can, have faith and pray to the only One Lord, Allah for guidance.

Stay hopeful.

Rukiya Issa

Rukiya Issa is a Teacher coach who leads an Islamic school and the founder of Hopeful Muslim Teacher (HMT). She is pursuing her Bachelors of Education(Arts) and aims to empower Muslim teachers to show-up with confidence, clarity and purpose. She holds a Diploma in Educational Leadership, primary teacher certificate and is also a certified professional life Coach. Rukiya believes that academics, Teacher mindset, skills and teacher growth are not only a fundamental part of student success but are also the building blocks to attain a life long impact in building a holistic child. In addition to leading a school, she runs an online madrasa program with the aim of making Islamic education accessible to all. She has been recognised for her innovative teaching and learning approaches in all her teaching positions in different schools. Furthermore, her exceptional approach to leading change in Ar Risalah Academy, currently the Principal, was evidently recognised by the School board of Directors. Rukiya has been engaged in variety of voluntary projects in education like; - Islamic Curriculum Development at Maahad Teachers' Training College Nairobi, Kenya. - Lesson Plan Integration Project with Dr Bilal Philips - Islamic Studies Teacher at Maryam Center, Doha, Qatar.

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